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Update Windows XP Pro to Windows Vista

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    I have never been a big fan of updating software when new major versions have been released.

    After a really pleasent experience with updating my years old Office 2003 to Office 2007 I'm contemplating to upgrade my WinXP Pro to Win Vista.

    Does anybody here already have any experience in updating a WinXP Pro system to a Win Vista one?

    I ran Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and it identified no issue. So from an analysis standpoint my hardware should be fine for upgrading.

    Any recommendations? Any real-world experiences?

    Your answer is greatly appreciated.


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    I upgraded to Vista Ultimate about two weeks ago.  My system was a Windows XP Professional with tons of software installed.   Everything went smoothly in the upgrade process and my system has been stable since the Vista installation.

    I am also not a fan of upgrading, but I also wasn't excited about having to reinstall all my development tools and other software so I gave it a shot.  So far I have been happy and have not lost any development time over the switch.

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    I very much appreciate your response - thanks. This is exactly what I have been looking for. As I said, I have never updated any major version, however the experience with Office 2007 has been so seamless, that upgrading to Vista really could be an option for me.

    I wait for one more positive response here and than give it a try.

    Obviously I'll also let you know how it went for me.

    Best regards

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    I tried upgrading mine..until it started yelling at me for running Norton Ghost 9.0 and Nero 7.
    I am unsure about Ghost now, but Nero has a patch to run on Vista.

    All-in-all...i would was a decent upgrade.


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    I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 9100 Windows XP Pro to Vista Ultimate and it was seemless i didnt have any problem. However the Cisco VPN Client stopped working.... Mad I have to wait for the stupid update from CISCO....

    I have Off 2003/VS 2005 with Infragistics Vol 2 and DevExpress components lot of other developement tools and utilities everything worked.

    IMHO its a good to go for update....Wink

    Let me know how it goes.....Smiley

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    Quick question, I know VS 2005 has problems with Vista, how about VS 2003 (I've got my .NET 1.1 apps running on vista themselves but how about VS 2003... it's the only thing preventing me from upgrading right now)

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    I have 2 unsuccessful attempts to upgrade WinXP to Vista.

    Don't do this. Yes, sometimes it works, most times - doesn't.

    On first PC I've returned to WinXP (Toshiba M205 isn't Vista compatible).

    On next PC I've after 3 days performed full Vista installation from scratch after upgrade.

    In both cases is was a classic "upgrade hell". Performance of upgraded Vistas was awful. Also there was a lot of problems with already installed software. A lot of software wasn't listed in "Uninstall" ("Programs and Features"). Also there was a lot of different sorts of "ghosts".

    Better - install Vista on SEPARATE HDD. Don't put system and your files on same physical hardware. Just advise.

    If you stumbled and fell down, it doesn't mean yet, that you're going in the wrong direction.
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    arunpv wrote:
    However the Cisco VPN Client stopped working.... I have to wait for the stupid update from CISCO....

    You can try the Cisco VPN 4.8 client which you can download from here:

    I tried it and it works on RTM version of Windows Vista.

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