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Reject Vista because the FSF says so

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    The FSF launched a website called Badvista, which is their idea of getting the news out about how bad Windows Vista is.  They call it Badvista.  Not against Open Source or their community, but what a bunch of nimrods.

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    what you linked to - sounds like it was written by a two year old - but i agree


    next... oh the "polarizing" balmer has been removed.. and the ray is in da house

    what 2 years at best?

    so slow

    whatever it takes to remove that stooge posing as an innovator - do it

    (*i like to call him soap boy...)

    edit - every single thing steveb has done - while in charge of ms - i completely disagree with.

    just writing it out - ignore ( ill call this up should i need it - years from now)

    edit: haha that was very beer 28 - or 28 beers .. or correct.. damn that canadian water!

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    Ozzie, from a laymans perspective, appears to be a great choice.

    Anyways, regarding the topic. Am I the only one getting scared by FSF's actions? It's one thing to disagree on the direction or ideology behind a competitor but this "blog" is really one step too far. I'm getting more and more curious if it's possible to run Linux with another userland, I'm not comfortable using GNU-stuff anymore. Maybe some *BSD stuff is usable? Any pointers at all would be much appreciated. Smiley


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    Want to hear something mind-boggling...?

    I just posted a message in their comments section.  No swearing.  Just a comment that pretty much says I believe that they are spreading more FUD than MS ever will, and guess what.  Five minutes later the message gets deleted.  Talk about "freedom" and "free speech" and not suppressing anyone! 

    Now if that is not the height of hypocrisy then I don't know what is...

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    Sadly enough I don't think you're the only one, I visited the site earlier and and there was talk about removing comments over the freedom to not share your source if you don't want to. I'm all for the freedoms stated in the manifesto but with one major difference, if you write code that isn't derived from GPL-code you should have the freedom to not open it, same thing with hardware. Unfortunatly that makes me a traitor in their eyes, and I really can't stand that so I've made the choice to use the MIT and BSD licenses instead. GNU is a great concept but unfortunatly the people advocating it are in some ways holding it back and scaring people away from it.

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    Seems like the open source apostles are loosing their contact to reality. I can't imagine what they want to achieve with a campaign like that. This blog does more damage to the fsf-image than it does to vista.

    I mean, I definately do not think "wow, fsf said it, so i won't buy vista", does anyone here? I don't think so.

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    I use open source, I use windows too but these guys are really going to start alienating people before long.

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    1. After trying Vista RC1 and RC2, I have rejected it becasue I think it sucks.  Much like Linux.

    2.  Whenever the FSF or Richard Stallman speak about "freedon" it's sounds more and more like Orwellian Doublespeak.  "In order to be free you must obey us absolutely and without question."

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    I didn't know channel9 readers were so interested in FSF these days Smiley?
    And I highly doubt the FSF will reach to the right people (joe user & friends)

    Not sure where this is heading to but I believe some mindless biased bashing of vista. In short, nothing big.

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    Freaking Linux and other GPL sh*t was never open source or freeware - only bsd is! Operating system should be just the environments for programs to live in, however Linux spreads also politics and the propaganda (like this) which I cannot stand. Like somebody said - they are ignorantly suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of choice and are using whatever means necessary. Stupid penguin.

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    I wonder what the general reaction would be if Microsoft launched a "this is why open source is bad and evil" website...

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    ddewbofh wrote:

    Anyways, regarding the topic. Am I the only one getting scared by FSF's actions?

    The FSF's tactics are akin to what you'd expect from Greenpeace or PETA.

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    Kevin Daly

    warren wrote:
    ddewbofh wrote: 

    Anyways, regarding the topic. Am I the only one getting scared by FSF's actions?

    The FSF's tactics are akin to what you'd expect from Greenpeace or PETA.

    Except Greenpeace (I soooo wanted to Pascal case that...too much .NET) has a point.

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    The FSF are known to launch campaigns against things they feel limit peoples freedom.

    I think they did this because of the DRM features in Vista, WMP 11, Vista's WGA and 30 day kill switch.

    However, the alternatives they recommend are sh!t. gNewSense and BLAG are crap that support a single architecture and do not give people the "freedom" to install display drivers or proprietary codecs like MP3, WMV and encrypted DVDs without painstaking effort.

    There are far better distributions that are GPL-compliant out-of-the- box yet far more accomidating to peoples needs by giving them a way to install non-Free software, which is often necessary to be productive.


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    Bad Vista or Bad FSF Server?

    Shreyas Zare

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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    I am sorry, but I still can't get over how they delete messages in their forum that deviate from their narrow-minded viewpoint.  Other than my own posts, I saw at least 3 other posts that were later deleted.  The only ones left were the warm and fuzzy "M$ is teh evil" posts or the ones that were mildly critical to their campaign (you know, to show that they are "open minded").

    Freedom of speech. Well ok then...

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    FSF are morons!

    Their arguments are so stupid. Yes, Vista is FAR from perfect, but FSF even worse.

    If you stumbled and fell down, it doesn't mean yet, that you're going in the wrong direction.
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    sirhomer wrote:

    <p class="MsoNormal"><br></p><p class="MsoNormal"><br>&nbsp;As you can see, the "GNU General Public License" is indeed open
    source. In fact, it was the model of the open source definition.<br>
    Nevertheless, "FSF" is not "Linux", FSF is an organization
    which promotes "free software", while Linux is an operating system.

    Kernel headers are gpl and thus somebody cannot make proprietary system modules (drivers). And this *is* politics I was talking about. I want the OS to be neutral. Windows is and BSD also is and I don’t know why Linux cannot be like them. Anyway they cannot just define themselves as open source.

    I mean Fidel Castro can define himself as the best form of government, but this cannot be necessarily true... They just proclaimed they are open source... yes, you can see the code, but to me some source is truly open if I can change the code without some *stupid* restrictions.

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