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View Thread: Reject Vista because the FSF says so
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    It is a goofy reaction simply to against windows vista bcoz it's made by microsoft and you have to pay for it. Just see what productivity we can get from windows platform, the new office suite. I as a developer, like those win* foundations, really cut my work time, and how much the way we develop a software is changed. Why stuck on the vi+c+.... *nix? Do they have a better library like .net 3.0, the windows, the office suite? I bet no. For the end users, definitely *nix is not a winner. And see the GPL licenses, it's more restrict than BSD, for me, I like BSD license, why? It is usable and doable in a business world, and it is good for a business adopter. GPL/FSF just pull the world back. Do people like free software? 200% yes. I wouldn't doubt the quality of some FSF software, but not all, or most of 'em.