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WPF/E vs Adobe Apollo

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    Today I saw some screenshots of an eBay application running on Adobe's Apollo software and I thought - DOH! It seems Microsoft has already started to loose ground on Adobe, and neither of the products have even been released!?!

    What does everyone think of Adobe's efforts to beat WPF/E? Will the eBay 'head-start' and use of Adobe/Macromedia's strong name spell doom for WPF/E? Can two cross platform products (both good JAVA replacements) exist in the same space?

    As a Microsoft fan I worry about them... quite often...

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    We already know Microsoft has to play catch up with WPF/E against Flash. Adobe is basically leveraging their existing technologies to create Apollo. Adobe has already had standalone flash applications for quite a while, it just looks like they are expanding the developer tools to allow that to be done in an easier and richer way. At least that's what it looks like to me. There is one thing that bothers me that I read in one of the overviews:

    "One thing Apollo will do, if it catches on: Help bury the myth once and for all that PDF is just a static, electronic photocopy of a paper document. "

    Soooo, what do I do if I want a static electronic photocopy of a paper document? I hope Microsoft keeps XPS slim and lightweight. Adobe has tried to pack too much into PDF and that has been bothering me for quite some time.

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