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    GoddersUK said:
    peter_x_farrell did you register here to to troll and spam our forums?

    If there's anything I *really* hate about Vista, it's the backup app. I like Vista even with all the peer pressure to hate it, but the backup UI is just absolutely insane.

    Have you ever seen the backup utility in XP? Sure it's a little more complicated but it has both Wizard and Advanced view, and it lets you do everything.

    It's fully featured -- shadow copies, incremental, differential, mark as backed up, scheduling. But they threw it out. For some unknown reason. Why couldn't they have simply improved the Wizard view in this app??

    And don't tell me the whole computer backup in Vista is useful -- it doesn't even allow for scheduling, while the otherwise unbelievably useless file backup does. Why??

    TechNet offers instructions on making scheduled whole computer backups though:

    Which leads me to another question: Why???