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View Thread: How old were you when you finished studying?
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    Ping wrote:
    Not even master degree? what kind of good job can u get without a decent qualification? there's graduated university student everywhere.

    I'll get a master I think, That's the minimum level my parents hoping me to get.

    Well, I would like to go on to do a further qualification, but this course would be a very valuable one, and often, most jobs would not be entirely suited to the particular qualification, and thus, it could be more profitable to show to the employer that you are serious about studying and can commit to something and then begin training with them than going on to do further education that may or may not result in a better career prospect. I will decide on further education when I consider the job I want to do when I am older, I am currently undecided. The degree is a Mathematics degree which I will do because I want to study Mathematics to a high level, not due to a specific job.

    In a lot of jobs once you have proved to the emplyer that you can study to a high level (by obtaining a degree, etc.) it isn't necessary to have it in a specific subject.

    I wouldn't mind going into investment banking, or stock broking and as such, Mathematics could be helpful, but not necessarily the style of Mathematics I wish to do. I would, however be able to show the employer that I have at least a small amount of intelligence, and therefore it would give me a better chance of getting into the job.

    It would be nice to study for a PhD, but I don't want to be stuck in education for too long, I want to be progressing through a company so that I will be earning as much money as possible, as soon as possible. Tongue Out

    Angus Higgins