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How old were you when you finished studying?

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    Well thats true, my girlfriend works on Human Recources and tells me such storys every day, sometimes its even fun Smiley. But then you have to be smart. My CV was so build up that first my MCAD certifcation was seen and my work eperience before you saw my oldest degree.

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    I graduated from university at 21

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    Dont worry about being behind schedule. A friend of mine who is in Finance was around the same age as you when getting his masters.  He is now doing very well with his career.

    The great thing you having going for you is the experience you have built....."wrote my own ORM, did a lot internships, did courses, wrote articles".... If you were getting out of college at 21 you would not have any of it.

    Its not a race. Smiley

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    I'm 23, still attending George Mason University and working towards my undergrad.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about a schedule other than the one you set for yourself. So long as you stay focused and continue to chip away at it, I think you'll be alright.

    As for other approaches to learning, I started working full-time in IT after high school and have been working on my degree part time ever since. (I've been continually enrolled) I think this helps in a number of ways. I've been continually pleased in how much my job has helped my school work and vice versa, and I've noticed my career has progressed much farther already than my other friends who have graduated ahead of me. (That being said, a degree will go a long way to advancing your career.)

    It's really whatever works for you best. But being thrown into the enviroment teaches you in a way school won't. If you can leverage the two then you'll really learn a ton.

    And that's what it's all about, really...=)

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