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    Do the guys in the Search departments in MS  find LINQ useful? Do they already take advantage of it?

    All I say is that those who have not jumped in the .NET bandwagon yet are missing out some cool stuff.

    Are the people inside MS using it in new applications?

    There are applications in which LINQ would simplify life in Acadamia. Like detecting plagiarism between assignments.  Or in medical fields to , query patient records or in bioinformatics industry. Cool new little tools and applications that do alot, but are smaller in size.

    One cannot help but feel overwhelmed with new ideas, simply because the power that linq puts under one's finger tips enables new visions , ideas, and possibilities.  Not that SQL did not have this before, but SQL had its own problems, and you had to learn it as a language in its own right. Now the new developers would just learn C# or VB.NET, and they are good to go. No need to know SQL.

    Come to think about it, why did MS not introduce LINQ years ago? Somehow MS now is going instep with developers worldwide. People now only have to learn one language and be able to tab into many different areas. The power of one unified language that fits and rules mostly all!.

    So, (*whooo, takes a deep breath.. sigh*), yea. I beleive Andres and the teams he collaborates with is the best thing that happened to MS Developer division in recent years. Because the clarity is just there, and the simplicity also. So he does have good taste and invents new techies that people need, not just want. More power to you Andres and the teams that  are bringing this gold to many developers around the globe!