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    JohnAskew wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote: I beleive Andres and the teams he collaborates with is the best thing that happened to MS Developer division in recent years. Because the clarity is just there, and the simplicity also. So he does have good taste and invents new techies that people need, not just want. More power to you Andres and the teams that  are bringing this gold to many developers around the globe!

    Ditto, from an old Delphi dev. (who still can't stand VB/VB.NET whatsoever).

    So long as you are using a language that supports .NET framework, then it does not matter what flavor of a language you want to write with. You could put C# flavor in your source code dish, or VB.NET or Delphi or managed C++. Maybe even some salt and pepper too would not hurt:P The machine would eat the source code dish anyways in the same way!