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    thumbtacks wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote:I am excited about it because I feel as if i just landed from a rollercoaster ride. Its a feeling of happiness to plan in your head how LINQ will reduce 5000 lines of code significantly. Did you ever feel like when someone removes a noise that you always hear, and then you say that makes me feel better , why did I not remove it along time ago? That Is how I feel. No Kidding. This stuff is gold. Its value to me is much more than Gold, because now I can do alot with few words, and cross many boundries at the same time. I feel like I have the power of God! Hence , Its scary.
    Abstraction != performance gains.

    Productivity gains, maybe. How does LINQ work on huge collections of data? Like giant XML documents or large databases. Does it play nice with Oracle databases when you are pulling data from a dozen tables in an effort to retrieve hundreds or thousands of records?

    Dunno, abstraction can sometimes mean performance gains, for example- some core functionality in the .net platform is done in ways that you couldn't achieve in c#, also abstraction can also mean the abstracted code was written by someone better than yourself Wink.

    Abstraction has productivity and reliability gains mostly though.

    As for playing nice, LINQ query is stored in query trees, those trees are handed to a provider that converts the query tree into the SQL query translation, so you can write your own providers that you give a query tree and they interpret it based upon the rules you write.