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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    thumbtacks wrote: The loops are still there...but they are abstracted away. 


    PS: I am not fully aware of the details of the implementations MS did in Linq, but I am happy with the results of such implementations because I see instant results and instant power in performance, which is what I really care about as a developer.

    Having experianced what LINQ is all about after hearing about it for some long period of time, I can say I never want to go back without LINQ, infact I wish I could use it in my everyday development work. As I said, I want the future now!.

    Me neither. It could be loops that are buried within LINQ, or indexes, I don't know.

    The one thing I agree with Thumbtacks about (and it may be the first ;D) is that Anders is a freaking GENIUS. Why? Well Thumb had his chance at discovering and implementing LINQ, but didn't...