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    thumbtacks wrote:
    SecretSoftware wrote: Having someone describe the power of LINQ to you , and actually experiancing it in development environment are two different things. I am actually not sure why there is not much fuss or buzz about LINQ. People should be excited about it and talking about it all over the programming places. Its a freakingly scary , jaw-dropping experiance. I mean this will literally change the way we implement ideas and designs of new software. I mean literally!!!! 
    So you are saying I should quick learn about it, write up a book and cash in on the upcoming market?


    Nope, I've got other things to finish first.

    I am excited about it because I feel as if i just landed from a rollercoaster ride. Its a feeling of happiness to plan in your head how LINQ will reduce 5000 lines of code significantly. Did you ever feel like when someone removes a noise that you always hear, and then you say that makes me feel better , why did I not remove it along time ago? That Is how I feel. No Kidding. This stuff is gold. Its value to me is much more than Gold, because now I can do alot with few words, and cross many boundries at the same time. I feel like I have the power of God! Hence , Its scary.