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View Thread: Ack! I think my computer's motherboard is overheating.
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    Nice find! The CAG were actual requirements case manufacturers had to adhere to for Intel systems. We had to upgrade our entire line of chassis to meet Intel CAG requirements, and it did make a difference. Before we recieved our new chassis, I was burining up Prescotts on my test bench because they ran so hot. Putting any sort of high load on them instantly send them throttling.

    Of course, as "eagle" pointed out, Intel's chips shutdown after hitting a certain temp (I still believe it's 75C) so there's little risk of burning up a chip. I was very critical of AMD for many years for lacking this feature, including losing one mission critical mail server after a heatsink fell off the socket and fried the chip in the process. Fortunitally the new A64s added this feature.

    I wonder how critical this is nowadays that AMD and Intel are both using very power efficient designs. The Core2 only displaces a little over 60w peak, and I believe the AM2 is in the same range.

    I asked an Intel rep once if this meant that the BTX chassis design was no longer needed. "No comment" was the reply...=)

    Still, as "eagle" mentioned, the memory and graphics card put out alot of heat, the latter increacingly so, much to my alarm. I read on The Inquirer a few months ago that ATI and Nvidia have seen this and will be working on their own power efficient designs in '07. But until then I see a real problem in cooling some of these massive graphics cards, especially with the heavy coolers required, which puts added stresses on the slot.