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View Thread: Ack! I think my computer's motherboard is overheating.
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    Thanks, guys.


    There is a fan in the top and back that blow out of the case, as well as a fan in the front that blows in.

    The front has two washable filters on it.

    I took the heat sync and fan off of the processor and blew it out.  There was a lot of dust!  In addition I thinned the layer of thermal paste on the processor.  I also turned the fan speeds of the back and top fans from medium up to high, and the front fan's speed from low up to medium.  I encoded a video with no grief from my computer's internal speaker, however I haven't put the side panel back on yet, so that could have something to do with it. Wink

    I won't worry as much anymore, though, because now know that the computer would shut off before any real damage is done.  That is comforting. (I must protect my precious baby!)

    Thanks again!