Here are some online resources for those curious on the specifics of a Technical Account Manager (TAM) Role

Technical Account Manager Role Details:

A Week in the life of a TAM:

Some pointers on the interview process:
1. There are not many resources online which details the interview process for a TAM. Thus, if you have any doubts, please ask the Recruitment Consultant early.

2. Consider if the TAM role is specific to a single product line (e.g. Windows Live) or for a broad range of products (Windows Server Systems or Microsoft Dynamics).

3. It is important, for yourself, to know the real reason why you wish to work for Microsoft, as a TAM.

4. The actual interview day might be very long, get ready a couple of energy drinks to keep the energy level high.

5. Understand the business division. Overview of Microsoft's Business Divisions:
Which division(s) does the TAM report to?

6. Interviewers would try their best to understand the candidate's thought process. Keep up your confidence even in the face of probing questions.

All the best to everyone who is having a TAM interview.Cool