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View Thread: WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!
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    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    I also never understood why they never implemented something that remembers where you left off on a video (like if you hit the pause button). For instance, if I watch a Channel 9 video, stop it halfway through because I have something else to do, close out of WMP, and come back later...why can't I re-open that video with a marker showing where I left off? Geez, it's not that hard to do.

    Yeah, we _totally_ need to add this to WMP. I'm still excited how the 360 does this. I can be watching a DVD, take the DVD out and turn off the 360. Then when I turn the 360 back on and put the DVD back in, it resumes where I left off. That's just cool.

    My other annoyance with WMP is that I feel there are too _many_ features (many of them being non-important ones). I think we need to get back to roots and figure out exactly what we are going for with WMP.