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View Thread: WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!
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    John Galt

    1. When you close WMP 11 (Vista, XP, doesn't matter) it doesn't remember the last thing playing or the playlist that was being played when you start it up again.  This is incredibly anoying and makes WMP 11 WORSE than 10.  (aside from the fact that there is little improvement between 11 and 10 otherwise other than x64 support...)
    2. Combined with #1 I have to go through serious hoops just to go and play my music collection in random. It's fine that I have to set it to random, but unlike WMP 10 where I could just right click on my library and choose play or infact just click on the library and hit play, you can't do this with WMP 11. You have to navigate to "songs" and right click on it. Bring back the way most people use WMP, and that's as a jutebox.  I should be able to click on the little down arrow on the library and choose play. At the worst I should be able to right click on it and choose play and it sould start playing.

    This is just more examples of MS not bothering to use their own crap before they release it (i.e. ALL OF VISTA)

    *sigh*. You know a company is in trouble when the new version of their stuff is worse than the previous version...