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View Thread: WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!
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    John Galt wrote:
     This is just more examples of MS not bothering to use their own crap before they release it (i.e. ALL OF VISTA)

    Sorry John, I call BULL *$&%! As an employee, saying that none of us used any part of Vista and didn't dogfood our OS is just utter horse turd.

    Quite the number of us were using it since the first beta. And I've lost count of how many bugs were filed just by employees that I knew. This is perhaps one of the worst cases of exaggeration I've seen in a while.

    Yes, WMP 11 needs work and has some serious problems, I'll give you that much. But comparing that to the entire OS is just plain wrong. Put your frustrations to the side for a moment, and look at it constructively for a change.

    [UPDATE: I find it funny that -h-o-n-k-e-y- is censored when used with "bull" bug "horse turd" is allowed. Weird]