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View Thread: WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!
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    John Galt

    saporis wrote:

    I'm somewhat confused at where you exact sources are and statements. 

    I can understand when a newspaper releases an article, exaggerations are rather common.  However, when you try to make a point on “fact”, you should not (and cannot) say, “a million things” unless of course, there ARE a million things.chemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>

    <o> </o>

    If you do not like the way Microsoft’s UI is working, move over to Mac’s OSX.  Or, if you are a developer, make your own UI.<o></o>

    I assume you say "somewhat" because you've read all of the reviews of Vista, all of the complaints on here (including mine where I outlined > 20 things wrong with it while it was still in beta that came through to the final that are just amaturish GUI mistakes), the beta testers telling you that they would rather see Vista finished than released when it was, Paul Thurrott, your biggest fanboy kicking the crap out of Vista all the way along and still not impressed. Joel on Software kicking the crap out of Vista (including just today telling everyone not to bother moving to Vista unless it happens to come on a new PC and there is no reason to buy a new PC just for it). Joel being one of the most sensible UI people out there and highly respected in MS itself. Game review sites telling it's gammers to stay away from Vista and more and more and more.

    I say a million because there is a million things wrong with it (not the least of which is the several hundred thousand bugs that are still in your bug database that weren't resolved before release!)

    I have yet to see one positive review of Vista on any web site. Not one.

    Need I say more? I mean I'd love to waste time and post about 5,000 links, but I have a day job.

    My point is still the same, someone didn't bother to use their brain in the WMP group and screwed up two of the most basic functions of WMP.  Since no other form of complaint including bug reports etc. worked, I figured as a customer of MS that maybe you'd listen here. But instead of listening, as usual you blame the person telling you that you have problems instead of actually working with them to fix it.  IBM does this and they suck in the customer space as a result. You guys never used to do this, now you do.  You're becoming irrelivent just as quickly as IBM did for the same reasons.