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View Thread: WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!
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    John Galt

    JasonOlson wrote:
    John Galt wrote:  This is just more examples of MS not bothering to use their own crap before they release it (i.e. ALL OF VISTA)

    Sorry John, I call BULL *$&%! As an employee, saying that none of us used any part of Vista and didn't dogfood our OS is just utter horse turd.

    Quite the number of us were using it since the first beta. And I've lost count of how many bugs were filed just by employees that I knew. This is perhaps one of the worst cases of exaggeration I've seen in a while.

    Yes, WMP 11 needs work and has some serious problems, I'll give you that much. But comparing that to the entire OS is just plain wrong. Put your frustrations to the side for a moment, and look at it constructively for a change.

    [UPDATE: I find it funny that -h-o-n-k-e-y- is censored when used with "bull" bug "horse turd" is allowed. Weird]

    FACT: WMP 11 has features missng that were in WMP10 and are critical functionality for a media player to have (see above)

    FACT: Vista has 8+ ways to shut it off. There's been much blogging about it, but it's a disaster and sure to confuse even the most hardened users. I still don't know what the actual shut down really does and I'm used to computers!

    FACT: Vista changes the style of the control panel to more like web pages. But when you go to change your screen resolution you get the old crap from Windows XP which is highly confusing. This happens EVERYWHERE in control panel.

    FACT: The new layout of my profile and documents and how it has a million different symbolic links is confusing, a mess and imbarrassing. Whoever thought this was an improvement should be shot. They obviously didn't USE IT.

    And on and on and on.  Maybe you used it and reported bugs. But no one came a long and said "STOP THE MADNESS! Stop letting committies design UI!"

    No matter how you slice it, Vista is more confusing, not less, WMP is less functional and more anoying not less. If you're actually using your own dog food, then you're either martians are smoking a lot of dope to think that what you produced is good. It's crap, it's a disaster on the scale of Windows ME and everyone has been telling you that for > 2 years of development and you didn't bother to listen.

    Everything MS does is more and more complex and harder and harder to use. Meanwhile Apple's stuff just keeps getting easier and easier to use with more and more functionality. I've been a PC guy most of my life (and Commodore 64 before that!) and when forced to use macs in the past, I've hated them with a passion. Now I got to a friend's mac and think "wow this is so easy, I don't have to think about it!" and wonder what it's going to take to port my applications to the Mac...

    You've got a big problem, and it's just getting worse. Go get yourself a Steve Jobs that makes all of the UI decisions and let him act as a dictator. This is what you need. Until you get there, Windows will just get more and more disasterous with every version.

    Kudos where Kudos is due though: Office 2007 is a vast improvement.