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View Thread: Proof Positive: Bush is 25X Worse Than Satan
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    dahat wrote:

    Minh wrote:I don't buy the mid-term election results, either, Dahat.

    I think most of those votes against Bush were accidents. They probably intended to go Bush, but somehow tripped & pulled the wrong lever instead.

    How can you expect to be taken seriously when you take something very logical and simple that I said, and blow it off and make stuff up?

    Please stop dodging the question and answer it if you so firmly believe in what you say: How do you explain the lack of votes in the Senate to convict the President after an impeachment? If the American people think so ill of him, why didn’t they give that tool to the Democrats and enable them to remove him from office once and for all?

    Do you think that they are that afraid of Cheney that they dare not remove Bush-43 for fear of the ascension of a greater tyrant? If that was the case and the Democrats had the votes, they could also remove Cheney as well and give Pelosi the top job.

    Why didn't they?

    Or am I just 'spinning'?

    Speaking of dodging, there seems to be a resurgence in popularity of dodge ball here where I live. We even have an outdoor, adult league of dodge ball teams. I might try to get people from work to form a team or something next summer.