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View Thread: Is the PC Dying?
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    JohnAskew wrote:
    If you consider rotary phones dead, then yes, else no.

    Why? Metamorphosis.

    I fully expect this:

    TV + PC + Phone + Game Consoles + Stereo + Hi-def + home alarm + home sensors 

    to be integrated in one large refridgerator sized box that will shrink to wrist-watch size in a decade.

    Wait, we're > 1/2 way there now...

    Bill gates talked about that , and said he is looking for all your electronics to talk to eachother.

    But I think its dying in the form we know it. Its going to evolve or just disappear in the next years to come.

    people who wear glasses, can use the lense to view their doctuments, and it will communicate wirelessly with the world.

    As devices get smaller and smaller, many people will switch to better things. Now people are looking for quality and security, and that is going to make the PC obsolete.