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View Thread: Is the PC Dying?
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       Do you think the PC is dying? I find more and more people turning to MACs and many dont really own a PC, they just use their mobile gadgets with net connection. I only see people with PCs in office buildings or public place. And more and more people are buying MACs for gifts. So Is the PC a dying thing? Is it so 90s now? Or is it the case the people don't want to sit for long hours and want to be on the move and this makes the pc look like a relic thing?

    The percentage of people buying new desktops is not like it was during the 90s, back then you see pcs everywhere, but now you hardly find people using it. Most of the desktop pcs sit idle for long hours. while cell phones , ipods, small gadgets are burning and crunching binaries like crazy.

    Even programmers, they dont really buy desktop, most buy mobile devices, because they would be on the move always.

     I think in the next decade, the pc will not be what it is, either evolves, or dies.

    More importantly how will Vista affect the PC? If Vista sinks, will it take the PC along with it?

    So what do you think?