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Is the PC Dying?

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    ac23 wrote:
    I think theres little benefit of a desktop above a laptop nowadays.......

    I have to disagree.   An excellent 9150 gaming rig only cost me approx $1800 a few months ago compared to over $3500 for an XPS laptop.

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    kettch wrote:
    A lot is going to have to happen for that to become a reality.
    First, docking stations will have to become a lot more popular.
    Another issue is performance

    Both of the issues you've mentioned here are relevant only for high-end power-users. For the vast majority of users who never got used to 101-key keyboards from an early age, the laptop keyboard is just as good as the bigger one. I have friends who actually prefer it over the regular keyboard, even on desktops.

    When it comes to performance - laptops these days can handle internet browsing and word processing, simple photo- and movie-editing, most games, watching movies, software development, presentations... the things that most people use their computers for. My mother switched to a laptop a while ago, and doesn't feel any different.

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    kettch wrote:
    MACs? I use them every day. In fact billions of people rely on MACs to go about their business. Even Microsoft has tens of thousands of MACs.

    Sorry, I don't mean to seem rude or anything, it's just that I saw MAC in all caps and thought Media Access Control, and it just struck me as funny.

    I only know one person who bought a Mac, and I think she did it accidently because she let the dimwit at the computer store choose a high comission item for her. She ended up taking it back after she found out that she would need to buy new copies of all her PC software, and that some of the software had no Mac equivalent.

    I'd check your numbers.

    I know about 4 people who own macs. I know about 100+ who use PCs (both linux and windows). This is about what the market is really. Apple owns about 4%. That's where its going to sit for a while.

    For the comments about Zune vs. Ipod. Listen to

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