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MSL Is Offering

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    From Microsoft's Workflow Foundation web site:

    "For now. Until the consumer launch of Vista, Microsoft Learning (MSL) is offering a set of eLearning clinics for WF, WCF and WPF. Each of these is about 2 hours long and offers presentations, samples, and guided tours of code creation at a broad level..."

    Apparently there is some organization inside Microsoft called "Microsoft Learning."  Presumably these folks are charged with faciilitating instruction of developers in new Microsoft technologies, the task of instructing in old Microsoft technologies having been completed and decommissioned some years ago.

    They are "offering" a set of eLearning "clinics" for WF, WCF, and WPF.  Now everybody who is anybody knows intuitively what this alphabet soup refers to.  No need to annoy readers with explanations.  In fact, why hold a clinic at all?  Everybody who is anybody is up to speed.  Why a clinic?  Is ignorance a disease that can be cured at a clinic? 

    I am right in this, I believe:  Microsoft Learning is a subordinate function of Microsoft Marketing.  They are rated as "performs above expectations" when whatever they are jabbering about sells, whether learning occurs or not.

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    earnshaw wrote:
    Now everybody who is anybody knows intuitively what this alphabet soup refers to.


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    MSL is indeed Microsoft Learning. You can find them at MSL is a MS profit centre that produces both books and trainign material, including official courses, workshops and clinics. Each of these learning products some core differences in terms of audience and learning style.

    You can see more information about the training MSL produces at

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