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View Thread: The iphone has come out... what is microsoft going to do?
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    Harlequin wrote:
    cescotto wrote: Piece after piece Apple is slowly going to take over every segment of the digital market and at the end, if MS won't get a move, they'll start eating up the desktop market too.

    How does the iPhone translate to higher iMac sales?

    It will make developers like me buy a Mac so I can develop software now for the iPhone, because it's going to be a disruptive technology.  This is just version 1. 

    Right now all I can think about is how Microsoft should get .NET 3.0 and LINQ out and a CLR that will run on OSX (partner with Novell & Mono, whatever ... just get .NET 3.0 on OSX and iPhone, or I buy a Mac and develop on Cocoa and eventually leave Office and Windows Servers behind.

    The product my current employer makes has a huge mobile component for EDC and this is what we NEED.  PDAs are giving to some of our client's users to collect data over long periods of time, and they are expensive and a pain to support. 

    Well, if iPhone becomes ubiquitous enough, then the tablet and PDA users will migrate more and more to the device that they always have on hand, and investment in tablets and other PDAs will drop because, after all, why buy hardware if you can use hardware that all your staff and users will probably own and which they will replace themselves every year or 2 years?  For us as a company it's good to have mobile devices that have these capabilities and are cheaper in the service space (i.e. free push email).  Actually, that remains to be seen, I don't know how much Cingular will charge for the service.

    However, we also need MS development platforms, servers etc..., so MS better think about what it is really really good at and make sure developers can integrate seamlessly with this.

    Pretty please.  I want one.  How long until they come to Canada!?  Big Smile