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    Okay.  I've been meaning to register and make a post but something finally pushed me to.

    I heard about channel 9 and watched a video here and there.  But what really got me going and I've watched a ton of videos since is getting a dual monitor setup and a faster internet connection.  Being able to get the faster internet connection was due to moving. 

    Anyway, the point is I've watched all these videos and it seems like Microsoft really wants to hear from people.  I had this problem that was bugging me for awhile where the users would complain off and on for awhile.  I would try to fix it, couldn't find it, nothing looked wrong.  Finally, I had to fix it, and I think I actually found a bug in sql server 2000 with how it actually updates the data, so not a trivial bug.

    I e-mail it to Microsoft and after a back and forth they tell me to snail mail it to them!!  I almost fell over laughing, a technology company telling me to snail mail them a bug.  To be fair, they also said I could call up but this isn't something I can explain over the phone.  That is why in the e-mail I provided a sample table create script and the stored procedure.

    Anyway, I just thought that was funny.  I'd love to see more videos about the inside part of Microsoft or more about how the actual hardware works.  A good example of the inside is the video where the guy who debugs is interviewed.  Also, it's great having Rory.  It seems like he has the same viewpoint that I come from, in terms of just being a business developer and always wondering how games are made, device drivers, etc.