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View Thread: Apple and vendor lock-down?
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    I think there are a couple of things here:

    1) People will always hate and attack whoever is on top.  That is just a fact of life.  People cheer for the underdog.  I would say Microsoft doesn't put "enough" into the default installation of the operating system.  It's annoying that when I need to help my brother who is computer illiterate I have to go and download an ftp client, winzip, and so on.

    Also, I would say people overcher or exaggerate the underdog, or the people that are competing with Microsoft.  In this case google or apple, and they make to much of it.  This reminds me of a movie I watched where some kid became the manager, and he idoloized a certain player that wasn't doing well and was faced with having to kick him off the team.  He said no he is going to come back, and at a game the kid went crazy when he got a decent hit and made it to first base, and the manager said isn't that overcheering a sign that it is time?

    2) Of course it's vendor lock-in but there is nothing wrong with that.  They can do it just because they want to make more money or force people to buy their hardware.  That could make them more money, or it could hurt them.  There are also some advantages to that such as the level of hardware integration and not have to deal with the problems msft does in terms of a million different device drivers out there. 

    Also, it may be a function of the market in the sense that they really have to, and unlike msft, can't rely on third parties to pop-up and do stuff for them.  It's just completley different business models.