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OneCare virus scanning ISO files

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    Hi there,

    I'm running the OneCare beta and when it does a Tune Up it seems to be scanning the .ISO files I have. Scanning these files seems to  make the Tune Up wizard run for days, often never finishing before I have to turn the machine off.

    Is it possible to exclude file types from OneCare's virus scan? I found the place to exlude individual files but not file types.

    Thanks for your help. 

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    Open OneCare
    Click on View or Change Settings
    Click the Anti-Virus Tab
    Click the Exclusion Button
    Click on Add
    Browse to and Select the file you wish to disclude

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    Doesn't that just exlude one particular file? I want to tell OneCare to ignore ALL *.iso files.

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    Yes, I find this super-annoying.  And the scanner is not smart enough to coninue from the last point where it was interrupted if you need to shut down, so in my case it NEVER completes.  Well, untill I search my system for all *.iso and *.img files, and add them to the exclusion list one-by-one (wild-card support for filenames would be great).

    This part of the program's functionality can do with some much-needed improvement.


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