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    "I am not a believer nor a fan of these things, but the timing is interesting and curious to say the least."

    lol, according to Nostradamus the event you mention should have happen in 1995. We are 5 yrs(and 8 months) delayed because of a mistake the guy who created our current calendar made. He calculated the birth of christ by counting Roman emperor's reigns, the problem is, one of the emperors reign duration was wrong, 5yrs less. So, we're not in 2k7, this is 2011, the world should have ended by 1995, and another funny thing, when the three magi arrived jesus was already 8 months old, and the star they followed was actually.. not a star, it was Jupiter(AFAIRemember) which 2000yrs ago looked like a star and had an orbit in which it appeared to stop in the sky for a few days(marking 'the spot') before inverting direction. lol funny stuff eh?

    btw, they were all persians, and their heads are in France, an old man, middle aged and a younger one.