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View Thread: Weak mobile 3G card support for Vista
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    Even at the risk of getting blamed for seeming desperate I want to check whether maybe anybody at Microsoft can do something with this:

    Mobile Operators across the globe have OEMed Option Fusion 3G cards to allow mobile GPRS, UMTS and WLAN connections primarily for business users.

    While Option has Windows Vista drivers ready they only provide them to end users via their OEM partners. So customers have to wait until T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc. make those drivers available on their websites.

    I have posted the full story on my blog:

    Since then I have received e-mails from all over the world that loosing the ability to have a mobile workforce connected to their headquaters and getting no definite statement from the MOs about availability of Vista support has lead into "no go" decisions for Windows Vista migration.

    I am fully aware that Microsoft does not create 3rd party hardware drivers nor is Microsoft responsible for delivering those to Vista users.

    However as Microsoft might have an interest not to slow down Vista adaption in the important B2B segment, chances are that this problem can taken serious by Microsoft.

    Is there any chance, that you folks at MS contact Option and maybe include the available Vista drivers into Windows Update?

    The ignorance of the MOs with respect to this matter is ridiculous.