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View Thread: Weak mobile 3G card support for Vista
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    Great points on the OEM driver support. We do rely heavily on our OEM's to provide quaity drivers, that are tested and verified for our OS, but some are frankly better at this than others. Sometimes having an end to end lock down on software and hardware (i.e. Apple) does have its advantages in this area, but having said that i think it also makes MacOS more proprietory than anything else otu their. But to get back to the topic, i have managed to get my Option 3G card from Cingular to run. I did go thru the frsutrating OEM experience on Options website (which by the way really sucks Smiley)

    I had to install the Vista driver on the CD that came with the card in XP mode. The driver are there, if you look in the CD's directory. Then i had to simply setup a manual data connection as opposed to using the Cingular connection manager software.

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    I hope this helps!