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View Thread: What is your prediction for .NET framework 4.0?
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    Not too sure about predicting what might be available but you’re not asking for too much now are you. Go here to see Anders's video posted yesterday to see a few items on your "wish list" alluded to, like loops, code analysis, reducing the .NET imprint on the client and so on.

    Most of what he speaks about will be familiar too you all though, but he does disclose one or two "nuggets". I do agree with most of your "wish list" but feel that obfuscation etc will only be introduced for an additional surcharge regardless of whoever makes this universally available. Windows Vista has better security that should hopefully prevent the .dll injection attacks consequent to the program files folder requiring raised privileges via User Account Control. MS are aware of this and have introduced their Live OneCare product (at a cost!).