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Securing Vista ... my experiences.

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    This post isn't about generating traffic to my blog, it's about sharing my experiences in finding working AV sofware for Vista, here.

    The post is to big to post on C9, I think, but if you disagree I'm happy to re-post it here.

    In summary, it's pretty poor out there for choice.

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    I thought there was supposed to be a link to a Vista version of AVG in the Welcome center?

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    Mike (who has an excellent blog )   kindly left this comment regarding AVG ...

    Mike Dimmick wrote:

    The current free version of AVG is only a point release behind the commercial version (7.5.432 was commercially released on 16/01/07, 7.5.441 released on 19/01/07). The commercial page at says that Vista is supported on both x86 and x64 editions (click 'Features in detail' to show platform support). I think, unfortunately, that the message you found is simply an uninformed forum contributor rather than any official message.

    AVG (Professional) worked reasonably well in the Vista release-candidate phase although the control centre application would sometimes report it couldn't connect to the kernel-mode driver at boot time.

    It's reasonably good value for the full version at £24.95 for two years. I can't say anything about Avast! because I've never used it.

    I tried AVG and it does indeed come up with that worrying message after afew reboots.

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