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ASP.Ajax Extensions Live

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    Finally. I'm dissapointed that they kept the rendering of the UpdatePanel to either a <div> or a <span> after all the complaints that were made about it. I was really hoping not to have to use my own implementation of it.

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    Hm, I wonder if it supports being deployed in medium-trust environments like GoDaddy yet.

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    It supports being in a medium trust environment and has for a long time.  The part you are missing is that AJAX has to be installed in the GAC.  It still runs as medium trust.  Scott Guthrie has created several posts about this in the past.  Most likely it hasn't worked on GoDaddy because GoDaddy probably didn't want to install the beta versions.  My host wouldn't either.

    As soon as godaddy installs the AJAX extensions any medium trust site should be able to use the extensions.

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