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Yes, I'm still alive...

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    Yes, I am still alive.  A protracted services engagement and so forth kept me too busy.

    Anyhow, I ran into the dumbest thing.  I'm working on a Windows Mobile app professionally, and I have to say that the reccomended method for deployment (using ActiveSync) over at MSDN is utter crap. 

    First off, while I love C# to death, using it to create a non-standard looking installer is a bad idea.  In order to use the installer, you need to have .NET installed, and to me, while the end-user should have it, there is no guarantee (some users tend to balk about the stupidest things, and .NET has been one).  Moreover, a simple wizzy little WinForms app is hardly worth the ~30 meg install.  I think .NET is tremendous stuff, and keep it up, but dang, why couldn't there be an installer project (a proper installer project...) in the thing?  While rudimentary, the installers made by VS2005 get the job done.

    Now, I've been doing Java on Blackberries for a while now, and their install scenario isn't perfect (typically the user has to point the desktop manager at a XML file) but at least the JDE there outputs it all by default (well, I could tell a million stories about the stupid JDE...)  The ALX and COD files produced are all that is needed, so while harder than double clicking a single installer, it isn't terrible.  (There are more details there that I could go into...)

    Anyhow, I understand how some things are necessary: using ActiveSync is necessary, and using that manager program must be done, as it will handle the actual copy to the device regardless of connection state.  But suggesting that I use a WinForms app to do all of that is silly.   

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