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View Thread: Vista asks me drivers for "Bluetooth Peripheral Device"
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    Raghavendra_Mudugal wrote:
    Ofcourse, it needs. Some months before, I had a bluetooth dongle connected for the first time and driver screen came up. Anyway that dongle had a ccd with it which contains drivers for XP. Now, I never came across a deivce of bluetooth that does'nt needs a driver.

    I used to have one erm... a Belkin one. All you did was plugged it in and it worked. Weirdly enough, on the box it said "thumb sized usb dongle" the person that described it as thumb size must've had a nasty case of elephantisis.

    Now ive got a Mikomi one (cheap and cheerful) which works fine and all but it only works on ONE pc. -.-