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Vista VS2005 / Lotus Status

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    I just got my renewal to my MSDN and I wanted to know if the issues with VS were ironed out yet with Vista?

    Also anyone know about Notes also? These are my two break and butter dev enviroments.

    I'm dying to get the RTM installed but I'm a little leary for my work box.

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    Kevin Daly

    Possibly a bit...(I mean there has at least been progress).

    First you have to install SP1 for VS2005, then the beta of the Vista Update for SP1 (unfortunately it's still only a beta, which is not ideal this close to the public launch).
    The links are all here.

    I haven't been over everything yet to see how much that fixes - one thing I do know (grrrrr) is that if you're doing device development then emulator cradling still doesn't work - apparently that has to wait until they release Emulator 2.0 (which reminds me, I must check and see how that's coming along...and before anyone asks, I don't care that it's available with CE 6.0).

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    Thanks for the info [A]

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