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buy something  (anything)

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    in the old days (e-heh heh)  i seem to remember MS bought alot of companies. web 1.0 saw alot of internet company purchases.

    recently - this is not the case ..and i dont see it working very well?

    Scoble is saying >
    Hey Microsoft: look to Krugle
    "So, start small. Don’t try to be Google. Why don’t you buy Krugle, get a position in search, then build on that?"

    i mentioned to buy Digg a few weeks back - but all you hear is ms buying business companies - if anything.

    correct me if im wrong - but arnt search and business divisions both performing - a tad less than stellar?

    why not go back to investing into some more consumer related entities - if only to stop the competition from buying each and everything that is created that is both new and cool.

    it seems to me brands are being created left right and center but ms wont buy any of them - and keeps trying to create their own - which sometimes works - but sometimes doesnt.

    anyway - here's one vote for moving quicker, not re-inventing every wheel and at least stopping competiors from buying all the cool brands

    edit - haha ya discount krugle from cool brand.. im sure he meant the db Wink

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