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Hello niners

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    Just a quick note to introduce myself. My short bio is here. I joined Microsoft two weeks ago, you'll be seeing my writing, my podcasts, and my screencasts here and elsewhere.

    A lot of the writing happens on my blog. The first of my Channel 9 media contributions is this conversation with Chris Wilson, just published today. We had a great talk and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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    hi jon Welcome to c9!

    ...going to watch video...

    edit  * ah its not a video (lol)  For a moment - with the winmedia screensaver playing - i thought c9 was going for a new phsycodelic feel Wink

    edit.. interesting so far...

    - true about css in ie3
    - ie4 style sheets true much better
    - ie4 "interactivity - client interface - do anything with it"  <- member that? [y]
    - looking forward to "the next rounds of ie"  *can we see them now?  why not?  "we want to be totally open"  ie 3 and 4 had alpha releases..  add this to c9 and we could actually help!

    - udell "make easier for users" - answer - calander stuff?  com too hard..  agreed.  * did they use com on xp themes! Tongue Out

    -" i have a mac and not having a consistent properties on the right mouse"   * i hope he didnt mean that was a good thing.  i hate in vista properties of my computer is a screen - not consistant. you have to click - manage = another app (not the consistant properties dialogue

    - "a long list - but attacking it pretty fast"

    good! Smiley

    * nice interview - thanks

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    Hi Jon, welcome to C9....enjoy your stay.

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    Ion Todirel

    yo welcome, its always good to see new softies around here Big Smile

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    Welcome, great topic to start with for your first show, and well thought out.

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    Welcome, Jon!

    P.S. This is Erik Porter.  Wink

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    How do you like the weather so far in Redmond?


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    Hello. welcome!

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    And dont let them trolls scare you! They do look evil, but they are mostly harmless if not feeded!

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