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powertogether vista install

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    I hope the average user has better luck than I. Got my disk in the mail, stuck it in, started install(upgrade of xp). Started then shortly failed(couldn't find some files). Booted up to the disk, started install failed again shortly couldn't find a source file. Finally decided must be a bad disk, used another copy(no I didn't get 2 copies,I borrowed one from someone else) and install is going good now. It will not even try to install if some programs are on your computer and some are hard to get rid of(alcohol) had to look through the registery after uninstalling it and delete anything that said alcohol. Seems like I saw somewhere that someone else had a bad disk also, at least it rolled back and I could still boot. I had the release canidate installed to a clean disk and didn't have any problems with it, guess that is what I should have done this time(clean install).

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