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Is there going to be a 'Visual Studio for Windows Mobile(non-beat)' for free?

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    1st of all.... I'm new here... I actually came here by searching
    'Zune SDK' in Google(Opps! I should have said 'Live Search', right?)

    This is a place to talk about whatever you want, right?...Just to make sure.

    I want to see if anybody knows whether therer's going to be such a VS version or not. The VS.NET for WM now is just a beta version, not stable at all. I hope there's something like the old eVC or eVB.

    Also, I wonder why the VC++ Express version is without Resource Editor. It's really useless. I'd prefer gVIM if I'm just writing console
    applications. Sad

    Last thing, the Zune's OS is a brand new one or it's based on the WindowsCE technology? If it's based on WinCE, MS can simply publish a modified version of SDK. And all the WinCE programs would be quite easy to migrate to the new device.- Yea, well, in fact I have to admit that what I'm expecting is a WinCE based PDA with 30G HDD and long battery life. (Not like the crappy Palm Lifedrive) Tongue Out

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    Kevin Daly

    I'm not sure what you mean about beta...the non-free versions of Visual Studio 2005 all have mobile device support(managed and un-managed), and it is not beta. It's also no more unstable than the rest of VS2005.
    Perhaps you're referring to the support in Vista? (where there does admittedly seem to be some lag in finishing off the necessary bits...but I've whined enough about that elsewhere).

    That said, I agree that there should be an Express SKU for smart device development, or alternatively that it should be added to the language-specific Express products (I personally favour the first option because it keeps Express simple and small).

    There was an energetic push from the mobile developer community for this sort of solution during the beta phase of VS2005, but it fell on deaf ears (I tend to regard this refusal as partly a result of Microsoft's delusional obsession with the "Enterprise" when it comes to mobile development, but that's just me and possibly a bit harsh).

    Perhaps this would be a good time for us to start rattling the bars again now that Orcas is beginning to take shape...I really do think that Microsoft missed an opportunity to cultivate a very large potential base of mobile developers, and it would be a shame to see them miss it again.

    Using my big shouty voice so 'softies can hear: Hey Rory, you're interested in mobile development, got any ideas about this?

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