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New Fingerprint Drivers still leave x64 users out in the cold

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    The fingerprint reader is a product that with just a bit more effort from Microsoft could be the must have device for all computers.

    Point #1 - For goodness sake: Please ship an x64 bit compatible Vista driver for the finger print reader!   I've had one of these things for years and have NEVER been able to use it.

    First I purchased it for use on my Windows 2003 domain controller.  I figured great, I can add 2-factor authentication to the computer I use to control my domain.  Then I go to install the drivers -- sorry, no go.

    So then, I buy a high tech x64 machine and load it up with Windows XP Professional x64.  Figuring the driver would work this time -- no go.

    So now I upgrade this puppy to Vista x64 and Microsoft Ships a Vista driver -- but for x86 architecture only.  ARG! Sad

    Does anyone know if they plan to ship a Vista x64 driver?  Isn't everyone buying x64 computers now?

    Point #2 - Give us the option to use this as a 2 factor authentication device!
    For windows and domain security, with not a lot of effort, the finger print reader could be used in a 2-factor authentication mode. 
    If you could scan your fingerprint AND key a password, you've just greatly enhanced the security of your network / machine over a password alone.  A user with your password but without your fingerprint is out of luck.  A user with a gummy bear imprint of your finger, but not your password is out of luck.

    For users who want increased security, not just increased "convinience" as it currently seems to be positioned, giving users like me an option to use this as a 2nd factor of authentication would be truly appreciated.

    So please, Vista x64 driver ASAP Two factor authentication next.


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    Argh, seriously? That just sucks. I was just about to get one, too. Not going to bother now that it won't run.

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