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View Thread: Windows Vista problem - connecting to internet
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    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    savvi wrote:
    naicul wrote:
    Hi guys!
    I don't really know if this is the right place to ask this, but I'll give it a try:
    I've just installed Vista Business x64 (looks great!), but I'm experiencing a problem with my Internet connection. I connect to Internet trough a cable connection (I have a modem). Vista identified my network card (a realtek rtl8168/8111 family pci-e gigabit ethernet nic). The only problem is that it does not identify the network connection. It says "access: local only" and, when I try to diagnose the problem it says I have to shot down my modem for 10 secounds and then plug it again. This does not solve my problem. Does anyone have any idea where the problem could be? I'm trying to fix this since this morning, and now I look at the clock and it's nine o'clock.
    Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks! 

    Oh wow thanks! You're amazing!

    Digging up a necro thread for no reason? You must be one of the legendary 1337!

    maybe he's the 1338th