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Long list of microsoft keyboard/mouse problems

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    Would somebody please explain me why:

    1) differently from the American version of the page ( ) has no download section (imagine italian users wandering in that website for ages without ever finding the drivers).
    2) every time I update intellimouse/intellitype drivers I'm forced to uninstall and reinstall and because of that I lose all the settings
    3) Microsoft thinks that when people click with the 3° button of the mouse they want to change application with "Instant Viewer" (default setting)
    4) when I use intellipoint's zoom on Vista there's a screen flickering because windows switches from aero glass to aero basic, and again from aero basic to aero glass, and the zoom works in aero glass! What is this flickering for?
    5) on my desktop elite I always get F block turned off when I reboot and I screw up with all those customized keys every time (there's no setting for that in they keyboard settings)
    6) on the plenty of wireless desktop 3000 keyboard I've bought EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM continues to give me communication errors when the receiver is not perfectly aligned (however when checking mouse/keyboard settings in control panel the communication is reported to be perfect)
    7) If I keep 2 wireless desktop 3000s one next another even if they communicate with different channels they interfere with each other
    8) After keeping my computer turned on for days the intellitype software messes up (slowdowns, takes ages to recognize the pressure of special keys and has weird behaviours (for example the volume bar goes slightly up when I press volume down)) and intellipoint has the same bad behaviour especially with horizontal scrolling
    9) There's no consistency between models, some have slimmer enter keys, some have the pg-up/pg-down-canc-home-end keys disposed in horizontal, some have those keys disposed in vertical and every time I buy a new model I have to get used to the new keyboard every time.
    10) Some CPU-intensive games mess up when I use microsoft keyboards to play (it's like some keys get stuck when I'm playing)

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