jamie wrote:

Xaero_Vincent wrote: 
jamie wrote: * where did that come from?  is ms slowly releasing weird old promo vids?  keep going!

Heh, I dunno if they are. I found it linked to an OSNews thread.

It'd be totally crazy if the Windows marketing team could conjure up another funny promo video to celebrate Vista's launch. Afterall, Vista is suppost to be the next major milestone from Windows 95.

someone should - or at least alter this one!

a) i dont know how to rip youtube flash files to avi
b) i dont know how to place moving video - inside a moving video

c) if __(you)___ do - do it!  add vista to the screen. that would be hilarious 

There's lots of info here for anyone who wants to save the file or convert it som something editable: http://www.ripzor.com/googleripper.html