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Vista 64bit installed just fine!

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    So many stories of Vista eat my cat and kicked my dog I thought I would tell you all about my positive experience.

    My PC at home is an old AMD Athlon 64 (Asus MB, 2GB RAM, nVidia 6800 GT, 200GB HD) My Technet plus license (yep the one I pay for myself) allows me to download and install Vista on a machine, so I thought why not ???

    The machine had been running Ubuntu so I could get my head a round it (pretty cool distro, lots of end-to-end thinking)

    My experience with my Tosh laptop wasn't so good a few weeks back, the sound, graphics and USB just didn't work and took some frigging but my self built PC installed Vista text-book style. No issues with, sound, display, Internet, home wireless network even the printer all installed without a hitch!

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    Your post contained positive remarks about Vista. Don't expect any replies (except this one of course) Tongue Out

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    It breaks my one rule of forum posting:

    1: In order to get replies a post must be almost entirely one sided, but without appearing to be completely ignorant.

    It was too balanced and fair!

    Plus I'd like to say how well my installation went (30 minutes end to end, installed, ran activated with hardly any interruption.) But nVidia's (lack of) drivers for the nForce4 platform meant it then went titsup (BSOD) and won't stay stable for longer than 20 minutes if I'm lucky. (Unless I disable the sound.) Grrr... Not microsoft's fault, but still incredibly annoying.

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    I know that posts like this don't exactly help my cred, but so what ? At least I'm honest !

    I'm not a Microsoft sycophant, blimey DarthVista is enough but I believe in balance, if MS do something right tell'em, it's just as important so they know they are on the right track and do more of it.

    Feedback is important, good or bad.

    So I hope I start a new feedback trend!

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