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View Thread: Windows .NET Developer Says Leopard Years Ahead
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    cescotto wrote:
    By the way the reason why I post those DIGG stories is because I hope that that somebody here that knows more of those arguments will comment on the comments section of the digg page to debunk those articles giving less possibilities to those stories to reach the frontpage.

    I think it's pretty clear there's a grassroots disinformation campaign out there, designed to do nothing but spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about Vista prior to its release. It slowly ramped up from the RTM publish last November to where it's almost at a fever pitch now. But, when you're the top dog, you have to expect those kinds of potshots. The only thing we can do is point out inaccuracies. The key is to not become rabid yourself, nor exaggerate the benefits of Vista. Keep it real and the truth eventually prevails, IMHO.