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View Thread: Windows .NET Developer Says Leopard Years Ahead
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    sirhomer wrote:
    People want Windows out. Microsoft could have made the best operating system ever, but it doesn't change the fact that most people don't want a monopoly dictating the computer industry for them. I'm less in favor of spreading FUD and more in favor of fighting Microsoft legally for their violations of federal anti-trust law.

    I think you're completely wrong. Most people do not care what operating system they're using or whether Microsoft is effectively a monopoly or not. Most folks just want their computer to run the software that they've chosen, and do the stuff that they need it to do. The religious wars of Windows v. Linux v. Mac OS are just an incredibly small blip at the edge of the radar. While it's obviously important to you, it doesn't mean it is important to everyone or "most people".

    And frankly, home computer use exploded under Microsoft's "monopoly", using their operating system. The same wouldn't have happened under UNIX or Linux, where you have variants on the variants of variants, each with their own subtle incompatibilities with one another. I used to be a UNIX developer back in the early 90s, and let me tell, you it was a nightmare. BSD v. System V, HP-UX v. AIX v. SCO Unix v. Sun OS. Windows provided a single, (largely) homogenous platform where you didn't have to have thousands of ifdefs sprinkled through your code. And then there's software distribution and installation. RPMs, tarballs, configure scripts, the list goes on. And then there's the stability "issues" that KDE has, and just the plethora of desktops. Power users and developers love choice; your average end-user does not, they're just left more confused by them.

    While Linux has made some great strides and is a fantastic server platform, it has a long way to go before it's even a contender for the desktop.