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Has this been fixed ?

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    The slowness and the silly time remaining ?
    I know its a big file, but i think 1 day and 11 hours is a little excessive for an estimate.
    HOW LONG ?!??!!?

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    Well you speed is 23 bytes/sec... if you try to copy that file at that speed it might take that long Tongue Out

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    I'll sell you a 1200 baud modem...  you could get done 650% faster that way!

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    Why does it say 23bytes/s? Maybe its your hdd.

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    This is a zip file i'm extracting off one location on my hdd to another.

    Obviously it didn't take that long, but it took longer than on xp, all file copies/extractions/deletes take a lot longer in vista. Even a 2kb text file thinks about it for a minute.

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    It's funny Vista's bug. Calculated time is totally wrong. Big Smile

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    I haven't had many issues with normal file operations taking a long time.  However I must say that it does seem like zip/unzip operations take a *lot* longer in Vista compared to XP.

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